title>Financial Literacy Workshops
"... to assist families to develop assets and increase their quality of life through financial education, homeownership, credit management, savings, and access to low cost capital."


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We can design a plan to help you develop and grow important, long-term family assets through simple community resources and credit union financial services.

El Paso Affordable Housing can assist you by providing the tools and services you need to buy a home, maintain good credit, budget your monthly expenses, and save towards a stable and viable future in your community.

EPAH provides several free Financial Education and Homeownership workshops every month.

Workshops are held in Spanish or English and are held throughout the County of El Paso. The following subjects and concepts are covered in the class;

  • Financial Education
  • Homeownership
  • Credit Counseling
  • Home Purchase Assistance
  • Fair Housing
  • Tax Rights & Obligations
  • Free Income Tax Preparation Services (IRS-VITA)

Upon completion of our workshop you will be issued a Certificate of Completion that may qualify first time homebuyers for significant down payment assistance from different sources. The certificate can be used to appy for down payment assistance for up to two years after completing the workshop.

FREE personal income tax preparation and filing is offered to qualified taxpayers during tax season, to help them take advantage of the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits. (See Income Tax Services)

How long are the workshops?

2) 4-hour weekend sessions on consecutive Saturdays


4) 2-hour day or evening sessions beginning on Mondays and ending on Thursdays

How do I sign-up for a workshop?

Workshops are scheduled at convenient locations every month, and are available in English or Spanish. To register for a workshop contact us at (915) 774-2160.




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